Thursday 16 April 2020

23 DIFFERENT SHADES OF A DOCTORATE STUDENT – can you spot your type?

"Humour is the sunshine of the mind". 

Edward Bulwer-Lytton

This should be fun 😀 

Can you spot your doctorate persona? Or know anyone fitting into one of these types??

1 You’re the Half and Half. A lazy bum but an ox at work.

2 The Drifter. Everything excites you. No anchor.

3 The Shifter. Can’t think for themselves.

4 The Dreamer. Shirking responsibilities. No care for priorities. Lives to daydream.

5 The Ideal Prototype. Damn you and your well balanced perfection.

6 The Content One. Guided by their schedule. An achiever.

7 The Mother Hen. Always ready to put a pause on their priorities to help another.

8 The One Who Insists That Things Must Be Their Way. Living in a bubble.

9 Sherlock Holmes. Always inquisitive and strategic with a plan for everything. Moody too.

10 The Huh Type. Always unsure. Now what? Help!

11 The Diplomat. Considers everyone’s views. Nice chap. Not capable of critique.


12 The Ying Yang Type. Can’t work solo. Must work in pairs. Supervisor must hold hand.

13 The Perfectionist. Things must be in a certain order. Forever planning.

14 The Visionary. Sees beyond what’s there. Creative. Inventive. Fun to be around.

15 The Devil’s Advocate. Second guesses themselves.

16 The Leech. Always desirous of recognition and praise.

17 The Deadline Defector. Never does anything on time. Beyond help.

18 Can’t Mind Own Business Type. Very nosy. Social media stalker. Busy body.

19 The Sloth. Shame on you, you negligent one.  

20 The Ticking Time Bomb. Abhors that their view is contradicted. Do not debate with this type.

21 The Imitator. You want to do what others are doing.

22 The Vainglorious Type. Self-aggrandizing. Go worship yourself then!

23 The Work in Progress Type. But full of self-doubt

Have I missed your type? Drop me a comment! 

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